TGS - Automotive group



The brief from the client was that they wanted to re-brand their existing company, remaining visually similar as the brand was already well established in their respective industry

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

We worked closely with the stakeholders to create a brand that was similar yet clean and modern

2. Result

Successfully created a brand and sub-brands that steared away from the current dated company look and feel

3. Experience

Working closely with the client taught us the importance on listening closely to the stakeholders needs and visions

Project Details


Date: May, 2020

Online: https://www.tgs-group.com/

We worked closely with a Bristol based marketing company to re-brand an existing automotive group.

It was a really pleasant project to work on as the guidelines set by the stakeholder were clear and precise. Several brand variations were sent over to the client, and from there it was a smooth process from logo design to the eventual setting out of the brand guidelines