New Bristol Brewery

Web Design


On brief, we worked with the client to build a web site show-casing the brewery, reflecting their cleverly crafted beers.

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

Worked together with the stakeholders to create an eye-catching web show piece, assisting with design, creative and photography

2. Result

An aesthetically pleasing product, which accuratley reflects not only the brewery but also the nature of the stakeholders

3. Experience

Working closely with this client taught us the importance on listening closely to the stakeholders needs and visions

Project Details

Client: New Bristol Brewery

Date: February, 2019

Online: www.newbristolbrewery.co.uk

Being familiar with your stakeholders on a personal level can sometimes help understand their visions and goals, so knowing this client on a personal level for years certainly assisted us in creating a product that was radical, bold, "off the wall" and aesthetically pleasing

Besides, it needed to be something that reflected the "larger than life" people that were going to own it and especially the ones that were going to use it