Climbers Against Cancer

Web Design | Branding


We came up with the concept of CAC Mountain March and worked closely with stakeholders on developing the sub-branding, content, creative and landing page design

1. Discuss

2. Make

3. Product

1. Case study

We worked closely with the stakeholders to create a sub-brand, assisting with design, creative and photography

2. Result

Successfully developed the sub-brand, helping the client raise awareness for cancer research and launch a successful fundraising campaign

3. Experience

Working closely with the client taught us the importance on listening closely to the stakeholders needs and visions

Project Details

Client: Climbers Against Cancer

Date: January, 2019

Online: www.climbersagainstcancer.org

This was an extremely interesting and emotional project for us, as at that time had sadly just lost two close friends to cancer. We were out with friends climbing at a local wall one evening when the idea was spawned. I guess we were looking for a way to have a poke at cancer really, so came up with this notion that if we gathered a group of climbers we could climb the height of the Eiger in a day

So CAC's Mountain March was born and somehow magically snowballed and, in no time at all it became an international event. The branding and creativity came easy as it was fun and was something we were really passionate about